Quintessential lust-haves

Upon entering my bedroom for the first time, a recent flame of mine expressed in a sincere state of surprise and unexpectedness “wow – you have a lot of shoes” (all of this, of course, under a romantic wine haze).

Little did he know, that whilst yes, it may be arguable that my shoe collection is somewhat sizeable (and we’re currently only talking about those I have in my London home), he should’ve seen my how many handbags dominate my life.

See, the thing is – with shoes, I am currently fully satisfied. I believe I have all of my necessary basics – I mean we’ve got a fair representation of the sneakers, the ballerinas, the wedges & heels, the boots and those polite office shoes with a twist.

However, with handbags it’s a different story (it always is).

If we take a second to think about life (and handbags) in practical terms (aka the way my step-father chooses to live his life), I’m covered. There’s a bag to fit every situation, ranging from the day-to-day grind to evenings out on the town (as well as that bag you reaaally wanted, you love to own but are not sure where to actually wear it – looking at you, rusty coloured clutch!)

But – and there’s always a ‘but’ somewhere in the female logic – so many bags just catch my eye, flirt with me and taunt my mind! Remember when I obsessed over this bag?

So I suppose, all I (currently) want for Christmas autumn.. is the following:

  1. Whilst I find Victoria Beckham’s clothing line sartorially appealing, her bags have never caught my eye. That is until this fatal leopard print bucket bag popped up in my life. Credit card – run whilst you can!
  2. Mansur Gavriel is a relatively new discovery for me. Introduced to me by my lovely friend Anna, I have been obsessed with this tote bag since I laid my innocent blue eyes on it. Sleek yet making a powerful statement, this would be a perfect new office friend. Small problem – upon each restocking (which happens every seldom new moon), MG sells out within hours and I haven’t been fast enough so far.
  3. Currently, I use a large Longchamp shopper bag for my (proud moment here) daily trips to the gym. Nevertheless, in my ideal Laura world, I would add this smart and somewhat minimalistic Herschel duffle bag to my collection (which would match my beloved sneakers oh so well).

What about you, dear reader? Spill your beans – what are your lust-haves?

  1. Corie Bratter said:

    I would love to buy a Chanel mini mini flap in red, an Antigona Givenchy for work a Charlotte Olympia funny clutch for the night outs….. Well, the three together will be couple of salary worth :)


    • Laura N. said:

      but one can always dream, right :)?

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