Café Charlot – Paris, 3ème

Last weekend, I took the executive decision of escaping to Paris for a well-deserved weekend getaway (fabulous, n’est-ce pas?).

Ready for Paris

Don’t get me wrong – I’m still very much besotted with London (literally a smitten kitten), but lately it’s been all work, work, work and no fun, so this blonde decided to remedy the situation.

Now this may shock some people but – I did not go see the Eiffel tower. I did not have a lovely stroll on the Champs-Elysée. At this point some of you may be asking yourselves “why bother going to Paris at all”, right?

In fact, I spent my whole weekend in one particular area – the Marais – without seeing any famous landmarks, and it was absolutely perfect.

Best part of the weekend? Stumbling onto this wonderful café.

Café Charlot

Located on the corner of rue Charlot and rue de Bretagne, Café Charlot gives off an old-school Parisian bistrot vibe. With a very cosy and initially rather intimate looking interior, do not be fooled – you’ll be lucky to get a seat at this café (and so we were). The menu is extremely tempting in terms of its dishes and more importantly its wine, and considering you’re in one of Paris’ most hip areas, it is a rather affordable outing.

As much as we loved our Charlot experience (anyone ever had waitresses recite them classical French literature quotes just because?), I believe we took the café a liiitle bit for granted during our Saturday brunch, as when wanting to return on Sunday, it was completely packed and the waiting queue was similar to that of H&M’s designer collaboration collection launches.

Café Charlot is a hidden gem in the Marais, feeling like that secret-yet-known meeting spot for locals, and I most definitely will be returning there on my next visit (I see you, Charlot cheeseburger.. nom nom nom!)

Dear reader – got any similar café tips for this blonde?

  1. Oh I soooo love Paris! Mon amour. And I could spend hours in the Marais. Lovely article!

    • Thank you! And have to agree regarding the Marais!

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