Grand Theft Nike

What better way to start off a sunny weekend, than with a purchase that might as well be categorised as theft (after a very enjoyable lie-in with hot mug of coffee, whilst catching up on Bloglovin of course).

Having always had a somewhat unhealthy love affair with white sneakers, I decided it was time to take matters into hand, stop ignoring the issue and deal with it pronto – yes, this blonde needed a new pair.

For the last ten years, I have been loyal to my Converse All Star hi top white canvas trainers. It has been a good, steady relationship, with its highs (all dem outfits looking straight out of a Swedish streetstyle blog), its lows (the sad moment you realise you need to part ways with your trainers because the holes have simply become unignorable), and its joyful reunions (that happy dance triggered by the purchase of a new pair – totally guilty).

Nevertheless, sometimes you yearn for something different. You want to break the system, kill the routine, and switch things up a little.

And that’s when my infatuation with white Nike AirForce 1 Mid’s began.

First, you innocently browse online and offline, and tell yourself browsing can’t hurt right? Then slowly, you start considering the pro’s and con’s of both your current pair of Converses, and the new, much shinier option. You carefully evaluate, without letting the panic settle in, as it is a big step to take. You start dreaming about those Nike’s. You secretly style outfits in your head with them, without actually owning a pair. And finally – when enough is enough – you decide you need to make it public, and take the plunge (crazy how a shoe situation can be just as dramatic as a Latin American telenovela).

I found it very hard to get my hands on a pair my size, as judging by the availabilities in the shops I visited, those Nike’s were predominantly designed for cool people with very big feet (cue the inevitable “I need a glass of wine” every time I left a shop disappointed).

But it seems that life is full of surprises and has a funny way of working out. Whilst out on a mission to buy everything else but those gorgeous walkable white leather dreams (pretty sure I left the house saying I need socks), I somehow ended up in Office, trying on these exact same trainers. Needless to say, I ended up with no socks but did purchase one pair of exquisite Nike AirForce 1 Mids.

Nike AirForce 1 Mid

Serious sneaker romance

Serious sneaker romance

And the best part? Junior size, baby.

Nike AirForce 1 MidWhoever says junior size, says junior price – I only paid £51.99, and need a second to just even think about my luck.

On another note – should we be worried that nowadays’ juniors have massive feet?


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