A phenomenal month in 10 bulletpoints

It seems only yesterday that I last wrote, all excited for my upcoming holiday and big move, yet life has kept me rather busy in its whirlpool and time has literally flown by. From coming back to work after two weeks in paradise & being thrown into the deep end, to having to organize my relocation to London in the space of two weeks (which can be quite challenging if you’re pretending to be an adult and your everyday life consists of work, work, coffee, and work).

Wishfully looking to the future. Or, just a picture, y'know.

Wishfully looking to the future. Or, just a picture, y’know.

So here’s a quick recap of my most recent life discoveries slash all of the great wisdom I’ve acquired (err, mainly about myself?):

  • My feet get swollen on flights longer than 6hrs. Yup, I am officially old
  • Snake meat tastes like chicken
  • Things rarely go according to plan (like that schoolnight you planned on being home by 8pm, and you get home at 4am. Wise life choice, Laura)
  • I wear a lot of lipstick. Like “I-feel-naked-if-I-don’t-have-any-on” a lot.
  • It’s hard to go against your vices – cutting down my caffeine intake is a right pain!
  • I apparently own enough apparel to live out of my suitcase in a hotel for three weeks (not sure whether this is a positive thought, or one to worry about?)
  • I am most definitely a dreamer, and always will be. And that’s perfectly ok
  • Music gets me through anything in life – the happiness, the sadness, the loneliness, the stress.. #addicted
  • I cannot survive navigating in London without the citymapper app
  • New dream slash life goal: enjoy a glass of champagne with Steph & Dom from Gogglebox (considering our mutual love for this fine drink, we’d get on juuust great)

And now – off to have some coffee


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