Laura Coppola

Once upon a time, I moved away from the city I pursued my bachelor’s degree in. As goodbye’s generate great sadness, my friends and I celebrated accordingly – in true student style, things went from classy (champagne in the park) to hazy (cue the morning after; it took us a good 15 minutes to remember everything about the previous night).

Over time, I had come accustomed to filming some of our random moments spent together, as I wanted to have as many memories as possible. And then one day – I was hit by a million dollar idea (sadly the million dollars remained in my head, and not in my bank account) – why not put all of the memories together in a single video?

I taught myself how to edit on my crappy undergraduate laptop using Windows Live Movie Maker, and soon published my first video. Whilst the editing wasn’t great, nor were the special effects (I am pretty sure it included some pictures I had re-touched in Paint for the LOL’s), it is something my friends and I re-watch every so often and laugh at (a. because of the low level of dignity involved in said video, and b. due to the above-mentioned poor editing).

Luckily, over time I have upgraded my laptop and evolved as a video editor (mainly due to using iMovie instead of WLMM), and I take great pleasure in creating little videos that make for fantastic memories (and make one cringe less). Whilst I ain’t no Sofia Coppola, it feels satisfying to see myself get better and be able to do more things with the program. I recently also purchased a go pro camera, which I cannot wait to play around with come my big trip to Cambodia and Bali.

The latest video I did was about the wonderful time I spent in Rome, and watching it makes me so happy.

If you are interested to see some more of my work, have a look at my time in New York & San Francisco, as well as my last couple of weeks spent living in Edinburgh.

Now for some poll – dear reader, have you taught yourself anything useful?


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