Just like most modern human beings with a healthy ego, I have interests and hobbies.

Reading? Yes. Cooking? At times. Competitive dog grooming? Er, whut?

I have long found fashion films fascinating; so much so that I even wrote my master’s degree dissertation about them (yeah, this blonde’s a smart one – cue the ninja emojis).

Now let’s be clear – I’m not speaking about visual lookbooks or fashun films that get screened in cinemas à la YSL (though, let’s be clear, I’m not hating on them).

I am speaking about those artsy fartsy, cinematographic, sometimes awkward/futuristic/humoristic videos that are randomly posted on youtube/vimeo/a brand’s homepage. Some feature unknown models, others famous actresses and models. Some are directed guerilla style, others have astronomical budgets for something that is ultimately 4 minutes long. Bref – there is a selection of them out there.

Following the above eulogy, it is no wonder that today I am writing about one of them.

When this short film by Younji Ku was featured on SHOWstudio’s website, I knew it had to be something spectacular. And my my, it is indeed.

The short film features Kate Moss (and her beautiful kitten eyes) during a shoot for Vogue Italia (2010) with the legendary Nick Knight.
The way the chosen soundtrack perfectly blends in with the video manipulation renders this piece utterly compelling, and though it features some nudity, it is in no way vulgar.

Kate, Nick and Younji – I salute you. Forever on repeat.


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