Paris – oui oui

Whoa, whoa – mic drop – Laura, you haven’t written in over a month!

Indeed, my work-life balance got heavily disbalanced, largely in favour of the former, but this blonde is back (quite literally as I got back from a business trip from London yesterday)! And what better way to buy your readers’ love back than with a little recap from a beautiful weekend spent in the baguette capital, err, an undisclosed amount of time ago.

Paris is where my mother and I embarked on our life adventure; it’s where I first went to school and learnt French; it’s where I started rollerblading; it’s where I got my first kiss from my first crush. It is at the same time a very clear moment in my life, but also one with very few, hazy memories as I was so little.

Since a long weekend was fast approaching, we decided to escape Luxembourg to wander around a very summery Paris. Each time I’m back, I feel like an inbetweener; inbetween being a tourist and a local.

The weekend was perfect. Full of sunshine, fine wine and family, as even my sister joined us all the way from Amsterdam.

It consisted of sightseeing,

getting lost in the city,

cute cafés & being a victim to The Man (self-confessed Starbucks fan speaking here),

random finds

and one regret – not having bought this GAP dress.

I do have to admit that whilst I usually pester about Paris because of its busyness and occasional rude locals, this time I have nothing bad to say.

Paris, maybe we are friends after all.


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