Dream big

This is going to be an existential post y’all.

Remember that one time you were really young, and you were playing being a pop star/movie star/astronaut/president/whatever floated your boat back then?

I do.

Most of the time, we played in my childhood friends’ kitchen and her grandmother looked at us endearingly. We would be the Spice Girls one day, and fighting over who got to be Britney Spears another (and let’s face it, I totally felt more connected to Britney due to my, err, blonde hair).

I just remember thinking how lucky the Spice Girls and the Britney’s of this world were. How wonderful and cool their lives must be.

Add a few more years, along some IQ to my brain capacity, and I started to realise these things don’t just happen. People work (their asses off) towards achieving their dreams. Whether they’re successful is of course an entirely different story, but hey – at least they have the courage to try.

I have always considered myself to be adventurous enough to do the things I set my mind on to, whether that’s getting a tattoo or studying abroad. But for other dreams – bigger or crazier – I have always listened to that inner nagging voice of reason, telling me how “that’s just silly, Laura”.

Until 2012, that is. 2012 is the year I grew balls (yo, I’d love to have a better expression, but that’s not the case). I started thinking about all of the things I wanted to achieve in my life, and breaking them down into smaller parts to have an action plan. And it was revolutionary, because it suddenly dawned on me – everything is doable. You just have to actually pursue it.

Want to be a movie star? Get some acting lessons. Go to castings. Start with smaller projects, perhaps even a film student’s film.

Want to become a pilot? Get some flight lessons, and apply to a good flight academy, sponsored by an airline.

Now you’re complaining that you don’t have enough money for the above? Get a job, and save up. If you’re convinced and driven, you will invest in your dream.

I am lucky to be surrounded by really inspiring friends, who I constantly witness chasing their personal dreams. Whether that’s the small town girl becoming a certified yoga instructor whilst studying in a demanding university, or the former schoolmate who’s competing with other dreamers to become Swiss airlines’ newest explorer (you can vote for him here). Coming from a rather sheltered family, it is really amazing to see, and it motivates me even more to pursue my own dreams; no matter how non-significant or delusional they can appear to others.

So what have I done? I actually bought a notebook to write all of my dreams down (and of course it’s pink).

The aim is to cross items off my list, as life goes on. Some will be easier to achieve, (#20. Discover Berlin on a skateboard) whilst others may never happen (#27. Drink a glass of wine with Kelly Cutrone). But hey, at least I dare to dream. And that takes balls.

And I am happy to announce that item #12 will be crossed off on the 30th of August 2014, as yesterday my friend and I booked our tickets to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

So dear reader, what are you waiting for? Go chase your dream!

Post-Cambodia booking happiness

Post-Cambodia booking happiness


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