Smug scrub

This one’s dedicated to soft skin, y’all.

So anybody who has the pleasure to be acquainted with me (whadupp, Saturday morning ego) knows that I am not much of a beauty person. I mean, I do try my best to hide my real face under cosmetics on a daily basis (purely to avoid scaring the mortal beings of this humble world), but I stick to the bear essentials – lightly tinted cream, mascara and lipstick.

Whenever I walk into Sephora, I feel somewhat lost. I am literally looking for three things whilst being surrounded by a sea of brightly coloured products. The sales assistant usually blabs on about midi sized blush brushes, various miracle serums and other alien sounding products, and I just look at her like whut. So in terms of being a customer, I am probably a nightmare because I never buy into whatever they recommend me.

But as life goes, there are always exceptions to rules.

The last time I got my eyebrows done at an Yves Rocher salon, the beautician talked to me about body scrubs and their amazing benefits. The product she recommended to me was biological, paraben free and meant to leave your skin revitalised – sounds like a dream in a bottle. So in my moment of weakness, following an attack of hot wax on my face, I bought into this idea. I told myself, maybe it’s time to become someone who’s super switched on about this whole beauty thing. Maybe, it’s time to become one of those women that knows everything about beauty products. Maybe it’s time to move on up in the world, and I would start with, err, the Yves Rocher Culture Bio body scrub.

A cash transaction and a couple of days later, I tried it. And honestly, I think I could’ve spent those 8euros on a bottle of crément instead. Whilst it did feel nice to use a grown up lady product, it made no difference to my skin whatsoever.

This little disgruntlement reminded me of a tip my grandmother once shared with me. Forever the practical lady that she is, she hates wasting anything. As a big coffee drinker, she even found use for the used coffee in her machine as a natural exfoliator. As her practical grand-daughter, I used to do this every once in a while, but since it is a bit of a messy procedure, it never became a regular thing. So I decided to try it again, and compare it to the Yves Rocher body scrub.

And guess bloody what. The ground coffee actually makes a difference. My skin feels soft and looks a bit more fresh (god, I sound like a marketer).

As an avid coffee drinker (let’s face it, we can call it an addiction), I like this solution. It makes me feel that I get multiple uses out one somewhat earth friendly product, and that my friend, is money well spent. So there you have it, nature vs. cosmetics: 1-0.

What about you, dear reader? Got any similar life hacks to share? Let me know by posting a comment, whilst I’m of to scrub myself with coffee.

  1. Voguish_rat said:

    I love this! Will try it sometime soon!
    My nature trick:
    Forget any hair mask! Just put some olive oil into lengths and leave it for an hour. Rinse twice. Look fab

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