The M word

I write this whilst listening to very sensual music (no judging – it’s Monday, midnight & I should already be asleep) and pondering back on the item that has haunted me for weeks.

So whilst I very well may have planned to write about something completely different, on a completely different level, and remain one of those bloggers that doesn’t spam you with her personal thoughts on fashion week; well… Sorry (but then again, totally not sorraay). Things changed. Fashion week might well be done and dusted; street style blogs have notably calmed down; but there is this one bloody item that has been left stuck on my mind, on endless repeat; an item so wonderful yet difficult, that I cannot make my mind up whether it is something I need, or something I should forget about (just like bad boyfriends, you know?).

Let me illustrate.

Not quite the Michelangelo of fashion, but a pint on me if you know what this picture is. Or if you pretend to know, as I cannot draw.

This is exactly why I don’t draw.

Sorry for literally illustrating it (but then again… not sorry). Have you figured out which item I am talking about? You’ve seen it on Vogue online, you’ve seen it on Manrepeller, you’ve seen it on any street style bog that avidly posts pictures about Anna Dello Russo (because she committed Moschino murder, and I applaud her for that). Yes, bébé – I am talking about THAT Moschino bag.

Browsing on

Browsing on

My first thoughts upon seeing pictures from the Jeremy Scott AW14 Moschino show? Meh. My following thoughts about the collection upon coming across blog entries on my bloglovin feed? Meeeh.

Whilst most of the collection is pretty ballsy and very true to Jeremy Scott, I didn’t think much of it. I for sure remembered it, which marketing wise is amazing for Moschino (consider every other person that will remember it, and perhaps choose to purchase). But a few weeks ago, I didn’t think much of it.

Following my first impressions of that particular show, I went through a little internet pause. I was in Estonia, which is probably the most internet accessible country in Europe (if not the world; whadupp!), but ironically enough, I had no time to stay connected to my virtual life whilst catching up with a place I hadn’t been in so long. And all I could think about was all the cute kitten pictures I was missing out on (don’t judge, dear reader, you know you’re a victim too!), whether my work would email me or not, and THAT BAG. And I knew something was up (unfortunately, not pictures of cute kitten with Moschino bags).

Whilst most of the collection does not appeal to me in terms of me wanting to buy every single item, I am totally playing that bag around my mind. I know how I would wear it in formal as well as casual situations. I can picture how special it would be to me in a few years time. And I love the idea of how well it would marry my white converses.

But now, I am left with that annoying thought in my head. $865 is a pretty penny for a small red & yellow bag that makes me think about a Big Macs 24/7 (rendering Moschino a potentially harmful investment for my waistline). Sure, the newly hired fierce female in me considers it as a savvy investment (but then again, she considers maxing out her credit card at The Kooples as such too); but the annoying grown up, who tries to be responsible (and yadiyaa) is leaning towards keeping those dollars, and downloading 865 different pictures of that bag on my macbook instead.

What would you do, dear reader?

Ps. Remember the sensual music? Somehow “Spice Girls – Spice up your life” appeared on my playlist queue. Yeahh. What?


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