One (life) Direction

This entry has largely been inspired by recent life cogitations between my friends and I, all twentysomething year old and somewhere along the adulthood spectrum. I’d like to start with an excerpt from a facebook message, sent all the way from New York.

As for work, I kind of wish I could pick up and go somewhere too, I’ve long thought about moving to Cali and working as a speech therapy assistant over there, to see if it’s something I would seriously consider pursuing, and it just so happens NY or any of the other surrounding New England states don’t have permits for assistants (lame!) but…deep down inside I just don’t think it’s what I want to do….. at least right now. I love photography.. but what the hell can I do with that! I was just reading an article about a guy Ian Ruhter, who LIVES THE LIFE. He’s about 26, was a professional snowboarder, took his life savings to buy a truck, which he turned into a darkroom and takes photos all day. As he puts it “We do what we want, when we want to”. If it were only so easy!!!

Whilst I only wish nothing but the best for my beloved friends, it is rather comforting to know you’re not the only one excessively pondering and worrying over what is, and isn’t currently happening in your life. But let’s look on the bright side – we’re keeping the wine industry alive!

I am currently at that curious place in life where half of my twentysomething friends are still blissfully sheltered from real life by pursuing their academic careers, and the other half is meeting up with me over a drink, as we collectively attempt to figure out what it is we’re meant to do with our degrees now (so very Sex and the City. Minus the designer bags, clothes, respectable careers and fabulous men. Meh).

That’s right, a fresh graduate (round 2, bound 2, whoaa Kanye West reference!), I am currently being tested by life to see how determined I am to stay on the professional path that I chose. It seems that whilst I may be super motivated to transform what I took away from my MSc into a real career, life is all about challenging your beliefs with various curveballs. Which essentially means, no one’s really giving you a shot. The ratio of companies that get back to you compared to those that do not is largely in favour of the latter, which can subsequently seriously affect your self-esteem (and your mojo), and make you feel:

But if there is one thing I have learned in my twenty odd years of existence, it is a simple truth – anything can happen if you put your mind to it. There are plenty of examples out there of people making their dreams come true. Susan Boyle. Bill Gates. Anyone who’s managed to loose weight. My friend, who packed all of her belongings up and moved to Cambodia. My uncle who wanted to work with dead languages. It doesn’t matter what your dream or goal is; however big or small; serious or ridiculous. You need to believe in what you’re pursuing, and once you push a few doors open with your motivation and hard work, life will help you open others. It won’t happen over night, but it will happen eventually.

And that’s exactly what I am focusing on right now. I am so convinced in what I want to do, that I am not giving up on it. Sure the lack of responses, or the no’s may bring you down, but that’s part of the process. You will not get every job you apply for (otherwise I would have 1,678,567 jobs), but you will get better application after application as you evolve and learn from experience.

As my other friend wrote to me:

Getting on the first step of the career ladder is the hardest (like fashion the legal sector is fiercely competitive) but once you get in the opportunities are limitless.  I got made permanent last week and I’m going to become a Judge’s Assistant in a few weeks so if I can get into law, I’m sure you’ll get into fashion.  Because in the end hard work, patience and perseverance really do pay off and the result is so rewarding you really appreciate how lucky you are.

So this post goes out for anyone needing a boost. Whatever you’re chasing after – don’t give up. Because that’s the worst you can do. The road to success is long and hard, but completely worth it and, contrary to popular belief,  entirely in our hands. Here’s to all of us achieving our dreams.


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