Blend it like Beckham

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy the little things in life, whether that’s eating exactly what I crave & not feeling guilty about it (I could eat Italian food on a daily basis for the rest of my life), or having more than one glass of wine (we don’t do the whole British alcohol unit thing on the continent, we just trust ourselves to be, err, reasonable). That’s that. Life’s too damn short, and we might as well enjoy it.

Having said that, I do take care of myself. I know I need to work out to stay in shape (and with the festive season behind us, that shape is currently round). I know that if I eat chocolate, two times out of three – I will have an allergic reaction (hello awkwardly functioning lactose intolerance). Long story short – there’s a few things I need to be aware of, and I have accepted their impact on my life (so the rare times I do indulge in some nice chocolate, I make sure to not have a busy social calendar the following days).

Up until now, I may sound somewhat wise, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t tried my fair share of drastic measures (find me a female who hasn’t!). Last year, I pledged to do the Dukan diet (I even bought the book and everything). My parents and I spent an entire weekend celebrating my stupid idea big step by indulging in the wonderful food that would be banned later on, and by cracking open a bottle of champagne every day of that weekend (alas, alcohol is not permitted until the last phase of the diet). With a picture of Kate Middleton’s silhouette in mind, I thought what better diet than one that focuses on eating meat (I am one of those people that could never be a vegetarian). Right? Wrong. By day 3, I was close to tears upon seeing a tangerine and knowing I wasn’t allowed to eat it. I broke the diet (telling myself that the guy who banned me from eating tangerine’s deserves a spot in hell) and set myself free. I do have to mention though that I did not drink any wine for the entire week – it might sound a bit AA, but in this household it’s quite the achievement as we have wine next to dinner every night (yeah, this house functions à la French).

As I branded 2014 as the year of the body (I don’t do resolutions), I am seeking to be more in touch with what’s going on with me. It’s all about taking care of myself and being even healthier. Now, I am not going to go into specifics, as there’s about 674,653,657 blog posts out there with people’s fitness/body/health resolutions, but I do want to share one thing that has changed my life:

When I was in Amsterdam, my sister’s boyfriend made a delicious carrot and celery juice that left me in awe. I got to thinking that – hey, we have a blender at home too! Why don’t I make my own juice!

And so it started. When I popped my juicing cherry, I wanted to make apple and carrot juice, but a key ingredient escaped my intelligence and I was left with grounded carrot (which I felt obliged to eat; talk about a wonderful breakfast). Turns out the mystery key ingredient is WATER. Wouldya believe it!

Anyways, blonde moments aside, I wanted to share my current favourite morning juice.

You will need 3 tangerines.

1 Banana.

Some kale leaves (my kale looks so much like regular cabbage, that I had to awkwardly ask multiple times in store whether “chou frisé” was indeed kale).

Add a glass of water into your blender, and put all of your ingredients in (smaller pieces on the bottom, and larger pieces above as otherwise it’ll be harder to blend).

Then blend it like you mean it all together, and voilà! You’ve made yourself a velvety treat, that is both healthy and filling to start your day.

I wish I was a better photographer to make this juice justice. Sigh.

I wish I was a better photographer to make this juice justice. Sigh.

Let the day begin

Let the day begin

As much as I enjoy the juices I make, I regularly change the ingredients to not get bored with the taste. The beauty of juicing is that you can try everything; you can just about use any sort of fruit or green, and see if it’s a keeper. I normally mix things up with apples, spinach, cucumber, and lately tried a kale and persimmon mix which was gorgeous.

I would like to underline that I don’t drink juice all day, cutting out other food (some people manage that; I’d probably cry if I saw a nice steak and couldn’t eat it). I just drink them as a substitute for breakfast (they’re quite filling), and consider them a wonderful way to start my day. Personal benefits I’ve noticed are increased energy, weight loss and the appeasing of my skin (I have had some acne issues over the last couple of months).

So dear reader, I encourage you to try making your own juice!

  1. Hello, I’ve just sleepily tumbled across your blog after seeing a few RT’s by Lbloggers. I’m about to do a smoothie/juicing challenge in the next couple of weeks. It was nice to see that you’d enjoyed it and I won’t forget that water is key! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year. Lucie x

    • Hey Lucie :) I most definitely enjoy it! And for me it was a long-term change, but as I said only for breakfasts. Good luck for your smoothie/juicing challenge, hope you write about it so that I can read! And just remember – there are recipes out there, but really – you can pretty much put anything your heart desires in your blender, and that’s part of the beauty of juicing! Happy new year to you too! x

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