Christmas roundup

So, in the world of blogging, I am probably one of the last people to talk about Christmas, right?

My family and I have a wonderful habit of turning into hermits throughout this time of the year. My parents normally manage to take about two weeks off, covering the lead up to chrimbo, and the aftermath of New Year’s Eve (smart cookies they are!), and my sister tries to come home for at least a week. Now for us, Christmas consists of:

  • 24th – in Estonia, we usually celebrate and open presents on Christmas eve (can’t complain, Santa)
  • 25th – because that’s what the rest of the world considers Christmas
  • 26th – because we’ve gotten used to sitting around in our pyjamas and drinking champagne (and frankly, we’ve gotten rather comfortable being lazy)
  • 27th – we’re aware it’s not Christmas anymore, but we still admire our tree, and take a day off from the world to spend time together (or.. sit around in our pyjamas and drink champagne)

Basically, we enjoy our time together. Seeing as my sister doesn’t live at home anymore, and I am only here for a little while, we all cherish these family moments (aww, so cheesy).

So what happened in this familia during the holidays?

We went to Strasbourg to check out the Christmas market (and eat some yummy Alsace Christmas food – I hear ya, choucroute).

Beautiful decorations throughout the city

Beautiful decorations throughout the city

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Now Strasbourg is deeply in my heart because I used to live there with my mother back in the day.  It’s a bit of a bizarre feeling to walk around a city you once used to know very well but not really recognising anything anymore. So I just focused on taking in the city’s beauty and enjoyed the moment.

Another highlight was the 27th when we had some family friends over for a dinner party. Gathered around some good wine and a boeuf bourgignon that had been marinated for 48 hours (my step father is an amazing cook), we spent a wonderful evening full of laughter from the heart and singing (yes, I am so not kidding you – we were dealing with Italians after all). That night I went to bed with a happy heart.

My final personal highlight from christmas time was cutting my hair off. Yes. All of it. Well, I’m not bald, but for someone who’s had long hair for a long time, it is a big change. It wasn’t something I was considering at all, but I stumbled onto an entry from the Fashion Squad on my bloglovin feed, and totally got inspired.

I mean, look at her beautiful hair and that gorgeous red lipstick! Who wouldn't get inspired!

I mean, look at her beautiful hair and that gorgeous red lipstick! Who wouldn’t get inspired!

My sister and I have always wanted to grow long, beautiful hair that covers our breasts (don’t blush, reader! We just wanted to go all Jane from Tarzan!). Whilst she is super careful with her hair and takes extremely good care of it (we’re talking about expensive products and regular visits to the hairdresser), I’m more of a bit of a tomboy. I wash it too often and don’t really like hairdressers. And eventually cut it off, because merde! This time, it was a bit more of an unexpected decision and involved a general lack of spice in my life. It took five minutes of thinking and a scared mother assigned to perform the chop. And I have to say – I rather like it (well done, mother, well done!)

My second day having a bob, aka Bob my pal!

My second day having a bob, aka Bob my pal!

And all of a sudden, today is the last day of December. Tonight calls for celebrations, and tomorrow is an entirely new day. I still remember this time last year – December 31st, 2012. I was sitting in Schiphol airport waiting for my connecting flight, and pretty much crying. 2012 was a very challenging year, filled with heartbreak and tough times. I was just hoping the new year would be easier on me and just give me a chance. And so it did. I have many fond memories of 2013 and feel proud over how much I achieved. Although there was some adversity on my path, I broke through it and dealt with it.

And this is what I hope 2014 will be like. I don’t expect it to be easy or just given to me. I merely hope I achieve what I set my mind on to, and get a chance to do what I want to do. And I wish the same to all of my readers. May 2014 be a victorious one. I hope you celebrate well tonight.


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