Last week I had the opportunity to visit my sister and her boyfriend in one of the coolest cities ever (like, for reaal) – Amsterdam. Ever since my sister began studying there, I’ve been lucky enough to go on a regular basis. This means that over the years, I’ve come to know my way around the city rather well.

Each time I get in, I get excited. Stepping out of the Centraal Station, I can’t help but smile as I take all of it in. The people, the bikes, the trams – all of it mixed with Dutch architecture and beautiful canals.

Amsterdam is a friendly city, full of cheerful and helpful people. The same people also happen to dress really well, so walking around the streets is a huge source of inspiration for me and I always come away with fresh ideas. Home to a vibrant fashion scene (think London but then totally not London), I was excited to hit up the main shopping street – Kalverstraat. Just off of Dam square, it features a variety of known highstreet brands. As Luxembourg doesn’t have some of my favourite shops (Monki!! Bershka! Cos!), spending a day on Kalverstraat is always a treat when in town. Now let’s take a moment of silence for my credit card (eek).

One of my favourite things to do in any beautiful city is to walk around and listen to music, whilst admiring what I’m surrounded with. I did a lot of that in Amsterdam. I also went to my favourite secret café (so cosy & centrally located) and visited the Rijksmuseum (Dutch national museum dedicated to art and history), which was closed for 10 years due to renovation and only re-opened earlier this year. As I was on a tight schedule that day, I only gave myself two hours for the entire museum, which is a total rookie mistake. The museum is huge and I felt like I didn’t get to appreciate everything fully as I had to rush towards the end. I am however very pleased that I got to see plenty of Rembrandts.

My favourite Rembrandt sketch - perhaps because I'm a Leo

My favourite Rembrandt sketch – perhaps because I’m a Leo

All in all, it was meant to be a short trip (we’re talking about three days here, mkay), but I ended up prolonging my trip by two extra days (a matter of hours before my planned departure – how YOLO). And it was the best decision ever. I loved my extra time with my sister & co, and it was just super refreshing to be away from home.

Now let’s hope that my 2014 will feature many city breaks..

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