Tang Soo!

Ever since I arrived in Amsterdam (Saturday/Samedi/Zaterdag), I have been living an absolute dream. We’re talking real deep here – I literally feel happy in my heart.

Anyways, on Sunday I followed my sister and her boyfriend to Rotterdam for the Dutch Tang Soo Do championship. If you’re not familiar with the sport, it’s basically Korean karate based on defending yourself, and not harming others. Of course it’s still something out of a Jackie Chan movie with people screaming HAYAA at each other and swinging their feet at high altitudes, but it all comes down to respect.

My sister and her monsieur are both champions within different belt categories (yeaah boi!), but this time it was just my sister competing. We got there for 9.45am, which means our morning started rather early, but it was all worth it. The competition was a bit badly organised as no one really knew when they were competing; nevertheless, in their defence, a lot of different categories (belts? levels? way out of my vocabulary here) and age groups were involved. All that matters is that it worked out in the end. I got to see my sister fight for the first time (guurl, she FIERCE!) along some bad ass black belt action.

Judges Judging. How captain obvious of me.

Judges Judging. How captain obvious of me.

Part of my OOTD - dressed up warm and casual, and still very obsessed with my hat.

Part of my OOTD – dressed up warm and casual, and still very obsessed with my hat.













Perhaps the sweetest thing I witnessed were the little 3/4/5 year old children competing. They looked confused and nervous whilst hesitatingly doing roundkicks à la Chuck Norris. What really pinched my heart was when some started crying (most of the time because they hadn’t scored any points and didn’t want to loose). Whilst the hormonal side of me kept on wanting to go down and give them a huge hug (doubt that the parents would’ve appreciated a random blonde going up to their kids.. #dodgy), the grown up in me couldn’t stop thinking how many more times they’ll be crying in their lifetime, for matters far more serious (heartless, right?). But all in all, my hormonal side dominated and I wanted every single one of them to win. Just for looking unbearably cute.

The day concluded with me and my champions roadtripping it back to beautiful Amsterdam. We dined in a super cosy restaurant with yummy food, drank wine, and ended the evening with a bottle of champagne back home.

Pretty good Sunday, right?


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