2013 reality check

Currently snuggled up on my couch with a hot cup of coffee (I love my vices) and listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album (is that a vice too?), I find myself thinking about life.


It’s not yet December, but 2013 is very nearly over. Judging by how fast this year has passed by, what’s another month? And then boom – another round of januaryfebruaryjulydecember again. An extra year to add to your age. 12 months to make relevant and memorable. 365 days of added life experience. Perhaps even an increased sense of being an adult?

But all of that is 32 ½ days away, and I’ve yet to evaluate 2013 fully. For normal people, it’s sort of easy. Dig out your list of resolutions. Look at how many you fulfilled. Proceed to either jubilate or cry.

I didn’t make any (real) resolutions on NYE ’12. No one in my family usually does; we’re way more interested in the champagne. So instead of making any, I simply opted to brand the fresh year to come. And thus, 2013 was branded the year of change. Change because I knew that some major ones were coming my way (how about that transition from being a student to becoming an employable adult?). Change because there were things I personally wanted to achieve. And change, because things change all the bloody time.

With still a month to go, here is the outcome are my highlights.

Image Image








And whilst there is still that one little month left, I’m pretty happy with 2013 so far. December can only make things better, and I’ll make sure it does.


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