As a polite person/lost soul/blonde, I should probably introduce myself a little before starting to regularly ramble here.

Hi. I’m Laura. I am not writer, but I do get the odd need to express myself.

Mid-twenties with a few diplomas in my pocket, I am part of the mass exodus of fabulous educated unemployed young people.

For the readers with horoscope hunger – I’m a Leo. So is Mick Jagger. Coincidence? I think not.

I can count to 7 in Chinese, and thought that was pretty cool until I met a boy in New York who can count till 11. Fail.

Back in high school, I used to find philosophy a ridiculous class. But over the years I have noticed I’m a rather pensive being myself, and regularly discuss Important Life Stuff with friends. So basically, philosophy – I’m sorry. We can be friends now.

Speaking of friends, I invest myself a lot in all the various ships in life. Friendships, relationships. I truly believe people are magical.

In addition to people, I find solace in music. Who needs drugs when you can just sit in the dark, with a nice glass of wine, listening to something wonderful, left with your own thoughts?

And this is where I leave you to wonder over things, with one of my favourite songs ever.

  1. If he can count to 11 he can keep on counting to 19. Haha.

    • That’s 8 numbers worth learning! He better buckle up :)

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